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Flyer for next Rey de Tonga gig

Playing with Rey de Tonga at Niu Espai Artistic on Friday the 10th of September.

Sweet desire of soft thoughts, return to me

Listening to ‘All Thoughts are Prey to Some Beast’ by Bill Callahan

First post! Sweet.


Blogging is hard.

Well, I’ll start with posting a video! Yes. Good plan.

So, last week…or two weeks ago, or similar, I drove to Galicia with friends, to play at Bubal Rock 2010, and, and, and it was the most beautiful area ever, like a perfect mixture between the beauty of Ireland and Norway. I played with Alberto Arellano and Anna Morley, and this is one of the videos of the performance, which is an original from Alberto, called Sinkhole.

You watch now.

So, THAT was fun. Uhhhhmmmm, so, I’m hoping this blog will help organise my thoughts a bit. We’ll see how that goes. I tend to sit in front of my computer procrastinating a great deal (when I should be doing translation work or similar) so maybe with a blog to be working on, I can procrastinate with some sort of productivity.

Still listening to Bill Callahan, love love love him. Terribly. Thank you Nathan Moomaw for introducing me to him! Though if someone could actually introduce him to me, that’d be awesome. Please, thank you.

But enough of this pattering on, down to work. Jeeeeesus, I keep writing some random cheesey things and then deleting them. I find it hard not to be cheesey in blogs. So that’s great.

The End.