Things that I like – ladelling

Last night I had a conversation with my friend about ladelling.

We were making punch, a very delicious punch, with honey rum, shnapps, wine and juice, and then I said ‘oooh, now get a ladle so we can serve it’. And she did. And I told her that I loved anything that you can ladle onto plates or into glasses, because it’s just darn fun. I said it, expecting her to say ‘yeeaaah, it’s so good’, but she didn’t.

A very nice ladle

Turns out it’s one of those things that I’ve always liked and assumed everyone else always liked. There ain’t nothing more fun (bit of an exaggeration) than making one big meal, like risotto or soup or something like that, which you then get to ladle onto people’s plates. It makes me feel like I’m working in a soup kitchen or a school cafeteria, and that is something which apparently excites only me.


Tales from the Pyrenees – Photos

I’ve been back from my trip to the Pyrenees with my dad almost exactly a week now, so it’s still within a respectable time-frame to be uploading the photos. So here they are!


Last Rey de Tonga gig cancelled!

It’s just too sad to be true, and yet it IS true. The last Rey de Tonga gig for this year has been cancelled.

This is the message we sent out to all invitees.

This Friday’s concert has been cancelled at La Cova de les Cultures because as of now they can’t put on live shows, though we think, in the depths of our hearts, that it’s because a UFO fell on said establishment.
A sleazy hug from Rey de Tonga.”

Yes yes, poor La Cova has seemingly been used as a something something of the Catalan government to show all venues that they won’t tolerate loud noise and so forth. Pretty hypocritical, given the amount of hideous noise that freely pollutes the air during Barca football matches and the government don’t do nout about that. But hey, cookie, crumbling, and all that jazz.

Fortunately, I have  a gig at Rouge Bar on the 8th of October, before I head to the States on the 10th, so I’m not tooo distraught, and Rey de Tonga shall play again, in some shape or form.


Souls like the wheels

Currently listening to Souls like the Wheels, by ze Avett Brothers. I like them. The end.

Tales from the Pyrenees – videos

This week I’ve been to the Pyrenees with my dad, researching walks for his walking tour business, and we had SO much fun. I love my daaaaad. Anyhoo, I took numerous photos, well, not THAT many, which I will soon post here, but we aaaaalso did some videos of my songs on his computer, which was so very much fun. Those songs shall henceforth be presented as ‘these’ songs:


“The Man with the Broken Arm”


“Itch in my Feet”

The dog days are whaaat?

Currently listening to Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine. AWESOME SONG. Try listening to it and not being uplifted. Try. I dareth you.

Travelling west…and east….and west from east

…and then east again.

Yay. In about a month I’m going to be doing ze travelling.

I fly to the New York/New Jersey area on the 10th of October, then will head up to Montreal in Canada in or around the 15th (though I’m flexible on that), then I fly to California on the 19th of October, then I’ll be in that area for about two weeks, then on to Portland (I think), and possibly Seattle, and then baaaack across to the east coast, probably around the 8th/10th of November, then I’ll probably go back up to Montreal or Toronto, and then finally will be back in the New York/New Jersey area from around the 20th of October, until the 1st of December. All my dates are pretty flexible, apart from the flights I have booked, ie. flying to JFK on the 10th of October, then flying to California from Burlington (VT) on the 19th of October, flying back from the west coast to the east around the 10th (haven’t booked that flight yet), and then flying out from JFK back to Barcelona again on the 1st of December.

Sooooo, if anyone’s in those areas and wants to meet up, then yay! Also, I will be bringing my ukulele and music stuff, and will be looking for places to play some music, so if anyone can help out with suggestions of bars or places to play house-shows or anything really, then please let me know!



Barcelona > JFK (NY) 10th of October

New Jersey/New York/Montreal area (who knows?) from between the 10th and the 19th of October

Burlington (VT) > Oakland (CA) 19th of October

California/Portland/Seattle from between the 19th of October and the 8th of November

Baaaack east….and then….

Montral/Toronto area from the 8th of Novmber till the 20th of November

New York/New Jersey/New England area from the 20th of November till the 1st of December.


Dear Rosa…

…thank you for visiting my blog so often! You are the best online and offline friend a gal could ask for.

Mna xx

(Rosa’s blog)


Rosa likes chinchillas
This is a chinchilla

Snapshots of my day

Today, Sunday, September 5th 2010, it was my duty to take a guest photo for the blog of the dainty Rosa Ospina. So, I carried my camera with me all day (granted I stayed in my house for most of the day) and took various photos; here are some of them…


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Wired to the moon

Stevie nicks, I am very fond of you.

I was shown this video of Stevie Nicks singing a version of Wild Heart about 3 years ago, before I’d sung anything in front of anyone. It made me simultaneously sad and amazed.