Last Rey de Tonga gig cancelled!

It’s just too sad to be true, and yet it IS true. The last Rey de Tonga gig for this year has been cancelled.

This is the message we sent out to all invitees.

This Friday’s concert has been cancelled at La Cova de les Cultures because as of now they can’t put on live shows, though we think, in the depths of our hearts, that it’s because a UFO fell on said establishment.
A sleazy hug from Rey de Tonga.”

Yes yes, poor La Cova has seemingly been used as a something something of the Catalan government to show all venues that they won’t tolerate loud noise and so forth. Pretty hypocritical, given the amount of hideous noise that freely pollutes the air during Barca football matches and the government don’t do nout about that. But hey, cookie, crumbling, and all that jazz.

Fortunately, I have  a gig at Rouge Bar on the 8th of October, before I head to the States on the 10th, so I’m not tooo distraught, and Rey de Tonga shall play again, in some shape or form.



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