Things that I like – ladelling

Last night I had a conversation with my friend about ladelling.

We were making punch, a very delicious punch, with honey rum, shnapps, wine and juice, and then I said ‘oooh, now get a ladle so we can serve it’. And she did. And I told her that I loved anything that you can ladle onto plates or into glasses, because it’s just darn fun. I said it, expecting her to say ‘yeeaaah, it’s so good’, but she didn’t.

A very nice ladle

Turns out it’s one of those things that I’ve always liked and assumed everyone else always liked. There ain’t nothing more fun (bit of an exaggeration) than making one big meal, like risotto or soup or something like that, which you then get to ladle onto people’s plates. It makes me feel like I’m working in a soup kitchen or a school cafeteria, and that is something which apparently excites only me.


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