Hello Montreal!

I made it to Montreal!
And I love it here, it is an AMAZING city. It kinda feels like one of those towns that you see depicted in cute movies, like Chocolat, or perhaps even The Grinch, that are just too quaint and pretty to be true, and yet, it IS true. But it has grit to it also, which makes it even better, and I don’t wanna live in hooville anyway. Well, I kinda do.

Anyway, my story goes like this…
I had a really stressful last week in Barcelona, what with preparing for my solo show in Rouge, and packing up my entire life into a few bags. Add to that the knowledge that an era was ending and that I could no longer see all of my Barcelona friend’s as often as I wanted, and it amounted to a week in which I wasn’t capable of feeling much, due to numbness, but anything I did feel caused tears.

BUT, my show in Rouge went really, really well, (I shall add photos below) despite my not having practised very much, and was swiftly followed by a fun night which consisted of spinach lasagna, swinging on swings whilst making up songs with the word swing in them (a clever and challenging activity), drinking beer in a playground, and feeling very hyper and emotional.

After that, I had two days in which to pack up my life, as well as pack in as much quality time with my bcn friends as possible. Mas emotions. But I did manage to pack up my things, and did make my flight to New Jersey, and did eventually get to relax in my parent’s house in New Jersey, after about 48 hours without sleep. I also watched some Jesse Stone movies with my lovely stepmother, whilst eating baked maccaroni and cheese, which made for a perfect first evening in the STATES.

After four days in JEEEERRRSEEEYYY (insert thick and tacky jersey accent), I took the train up to Montreal (12 hour journey), and arrived in late in the evening and, despite the rain, my tiredness, and hauling my bags all over the city, I fell in love with Montreal. I also had my first couch surfing experience, which couldn’t have gone any better; I stayed in a beautiful apartment in a total hipster neighbourhood, which alas, appealed to me (oh nooooooooooo!), and got fed right away, and got given cider, and and and and got to meet new people and had a perfect first night in Montreal.

The next day I went to this cafe and had brunch with my new friiiiends. The cafe, called…something French, makes really good brunches and has live music all the live long day, and anyone can play there. You put your name down on a list, and you get an hour’s set, and I think they feed you for free and people can give you money if they like you, but clearly, it ain’t about the money, but it’s a really good idea and a great way to start playing music in a new city. So THAT’S exciting.

I’m now in a place I found on Air B&B, so I have my own room, and am just chilling out, enjoying the re-internet-ation of my life. I am nothing without the internet, NOTHING.
Photos now. And San Francisco in two days time!

(Rouge photos courtesy of Rosa Ospinosa)


5 thoughts on “Hello Montreal!

  1. ATTENTION ON YOU! Sounds like you’ve already landed on your feet Sulty, fucking RAD 🙂 Keep us posted, I’ll be so glad to have you closer by. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Ciara, mammy here!! Just running out to pick Cian up but wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog….well written and very entertaining. Look fwd to reading in more detail on my return.

    Slan Leat.
    Love you lots, Mam XX

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