…I discovered that it’s very hard, if not impossible, to nod your head whilst saying no. You know, in a jokey trying to confuse someone and be humourous way. It’s hard! You can nod, but your head kinda tilts, as if it wants to shake instead of nod. Try it, but try it with someone, try the ‘ole no-ey nod-ey trick, and see if your head doesn’t want to turn and shake a little.

Also, tomorrow I’m going into Manhattan, from my Dad’s house in New Jersey. I’m meeting my friend Haley there, well, in Brooklyn rather. Haley’s beautiful, she looks like a doll. And she photographs incredibly. When I told Rosa I was meeting up with her she said, and I quote, “be prepared to have her looking amazing next to you in photos. Better bring your A game!”
’tis both funny and true. Depending on how good my hair looks tomorrow, I may not let myself be caught in a photo with Haley. But I’ll take photos of them, and put them here, for all the world to admire.

We shall meet for dinner, and then head to see Moomaw and Gravid Wives play, in Zebulon, Broooooklyn. Those are the guys I did some travelling with when I left Oakland. Anyway, they’ve driven across the states, and what with them being so close I figured I’d go into The City to see them. And to take photos of Haley.

Since I’ll be in the city, I’m gonna also go to an open mic night on Friday. Ooooh. I think I will anyway, unless I chicken out. I hope I don’t chicken out. I WON’T chicken out. I can’t. Not after my last blog post. So yeah, one COULD say that I’ve got a gig on Friday night in Manhattan. That’d be a lie though. But I COULD say that I’ll be playing music in Manhattan on Friday night. There ye go. Can’t dispute that. Sweet.

That is all.


One thought on “Today…

  1. Hope you had a good time with Haley. Send me photos. And if you do sing or play tonight, good on you, and hope you enjoy it.

    Let me know when you are back. BTW, I believe Portland is really lovely, as you said yourself!!

    Love you lots and lots, Mam ….and Knut and Cian (and on behalf of Fi in Aussie)

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