New video! Moving on time…

I wrote this song on my ukulele a while ago, and I reckon it’s still one of my favourites. ’tis called ‘Moving on time’, aaaanndd here it is!



And yet more video fun! This time a nod to a classic hero…Johnny Cash!

Rosa and I have just finished doing a video of ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ by Johnny Cash. It took us just 5 tries to get it down, as opposed to 20 or so.
Meanwhile, I am still in Ireland, but am heading back to Barcelona on the 27th of January, and then off to Portland…at some stage afterwards. I’m a-gonna spend my last week here doing as many videos as possible, ‘cos I haven’t been playing any shows, so ye know, I’m being musically productive somehow. Smug.
Here’s the video!


Bunny-tastic photos

Today, I did numerous things. Mainly, I wore bunny ears.

These photos are the creative product of Rosa Ospina, who fashioned the bunny ears, did the make-up and hair, and took the photos. And here they are!

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‘Just Dance’…More video homaaages, this time to Lady Gaga

Rosa and I were busy yesterday being lady gaga, here’s the video proof. This was one of the very first songs we ever learned together. GOOD TIMES. She did my hair in a hair-bow but it got cut off! I mean, the video cut it off. But you can see it in the out-takes. Go look see!

Finally; an update! And a homage to Tiny Tim!

I’m currently in Skibereen, in West Cork, in Ireland! This is where my friend Rosa lives, so I’m temporarily living in her parent’s lovely wooden house. They have 3 dogs, frequent cups of tea throughout the day, and a new little studio which Rosa has converted into her ‘entertaining area’, ie, somewhere where we can practice ukulele and wail whilst practicing our new tunes. On that note, we made a new video, which is a cover of ‘Tiptoe through the tulips’, the Tiny Tim version.

So here it is! The out-takes are the best part!

Also, here’s the performance which inspired us!