This weekend I’ve mostly been…

…awfully boring, but terribly productive. (I’ve also been in mourning, as my siamese twin has been brutally ripped from my side. Farewell my Rosa, I see you soon! And skype you sooner!)

Firstly, I have a cold, and I have been nursing that, so THAT is something.

I’ve also been doing this temporary writing job which I got, which is about the raw food diet, and the payment of which will lead to my being able to buy a new mac laptop! I’m very excited about this. It means I’ll be able to do lots of videos, as well as finally be able to record and produce my songs for my soon-to-be EP. I’m very excited about that.

Finally, I’ve been learning and reading this weekend! More than usual! Firstly, I bought ‘a hundred years of solitude’ the other day, in Spanish nonetheless, and have been slogging through that. I’ve not yet really got into it, but I’ll blame that on the cold. And inspired by this post by Rosa, I decided to start reading ‘the stranger’ by albert camus. It’s wonderful. I love when I actually like something which I want to like, which isn’t often the case with intellectual books, alas. So that’s good. FYI, I found out that Sr Camus once said, and I quote “If there is a sin against life, it consists perhaps not so much in despairing of life as in hoping for another life and in eluding the implacable grandeur of this life.” This perfectly, and eloquently, describes what I was discussing (in my head) with a friend (also in my head), about another ‘friend’ who I have recently tired of.

’tis indeed a crime.

Finally, I have been musically productive! I bought a tin whistle, because I left my ukulele in a friend’s house and so, I took the opportunity to finally learn or start learning the tin whistle over the weekend. I also have been working on reading music, and committed the circle of fifths to memory, finally. I am smug. And I’ve also been downloading lots of music onto my new external hard drive, which, even with all my music on it now, is only 10% full, which I take as a challenge. So I’ve been downloading some classics; dell shannon, the everly brothers, nina simone, silvio rodriquez, and a recently discovered addition, django reinhardt.

And that is all, I believe!

And here’s some photos of happier times, courtesy of Rosa Ospina, when she and I were still together…



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