Flyer for show with Anna Morley Collective

I’ll be playing a show with Anna Morley Collective next Thursday, the 2nd of June, at 7 pm. It’ll be at ‘Discos Paradiso’, calle Ferlandina 39, in Barcelona! (I’m in Barcelona now…) Come one, come all!

Here’s the flyer!


Flyer for June 2nd show at Discos Paradiso

An update and a new video of ‘White Fluffy Clouds’

I’ve been putting off updating because it’s been so very long since I wrote anything, and I was intimidated to return, because I figured I had to write a huge long update. But then I decided that that wasn’t so, and I could simply just post a new video, and all would be forgiven. And so it is.
This video is of a short acoustic set that I played for a ‘Research Club’ brunch, on April 30th in Portland. Thanks to Ním Wunnan for filming! Alas, there is a tiny part in the bridge that got cut out, but hey, that’ll happen.