Happy Birthday song in Irish

A few days ago, the 27th of July, it was my mother’s birthday, so I sang this song for her during my set in Costello Cafe, Madrid. This is one of my favourite songs in Irish, by Altan, ‘An Chailín Deas Óg´’.


Tonight, Madrid; tomorrow, Zaragoza

On the road, yo!
I am presently sitting in our delicious peugeot partner, on the way from Madrid centre to a cool little natural lake or swimming area of sorts about 100 km out of Madrid, and the temperature is hot hot hot. We just dropped one of our traveling companions off at the bus station, and today we have totally free from all musical doings, which is sweet, as every day since we got on the road we’ve had to either play shows or haul all of our equipment and instruments up and down and across stairs, and given that one of our instruments weights 60 kgs, that’s not fun. No, not fun at all. Well, the music playing; yes. The music hauling; no.

So, this is the fourth day of our tour and it’s going awfully well. The ‘Red Balance’ album launch was on last Friday, at Inusual Project, and we were all really happy with how it turned out, as well as the turn-out, which was 50 people. I played my set first, which was the first time I’ve ever done live loops in front of an audience, and apart from one wonky harmony, it went really well. I also sang a song in Irish, acapella. I am so great, G.R.E.T., and so forth. We did some videos but none are good enough to post, and there will be many more as we still have five shows to go.

The day after our first show in Barcelona, we picked up our lovely car and headed to Valencia, to play a show at ‘Killing Time’, which is a cool bar that’s really passionate about music. The show there went well apart from the mic cutting out for unknown reasons during the collective set. We stayed that night in the apartment of the guy who co-runs the bar, Ceco, who had a turtle called Morley. I like turtles. We also got drunk on the streets of valencia and somehow met members of Sam’s Catalan choir, who took to singing in their various harmonies.

The following day we headed to madrid, after a huge lunch involving paella and wine. We had to pick up our bass player at Madrid airport that night but had no idea which terminal he was coming in to, so ended up being trapped in a maze of terminal 4 evilness, long term parking traps, toll roads leading in and out of the airport, till we finally broke free and finally heard from him which terminal he was at, wherewithin we picked him up and gave him the silent treatment.

We stayed in a hostel that night, after having a few beers and pizza slices on the streets of Madrid. Then, yesterday, was our show at Cuervo Music, which is a really cute little record store just across the road from our hostel. It was an early evening show, and it feels strange to play during the day to a sober crowd, but it went well and enjoyed my set, which I did without microphone, just amping my ukulele, which is fun for a change.

Video, more photos, more updates, and a tour video to come!


Anna Morley single release, ‘Heightened Senses’

Here is the very new video for the single ‘Heightened Senses’ by Anna Morley, which is on her album ‘Red Balance’ that will be released in just a few days.

I’ll be doing an opening set at the album launch this Friday at Inusual Project, Paloma 5, Barcelona, and then I’ll also be playing ukulele and guitar with Anna Morley Collective. And then the tour begins!

Final dates for summer tour with Anna Morley

After a relatively rocky road at the start, but then without great difficulty, we have managed to put together more than enough dates for our summer tour which will take myself and Anna Morley Collective around Spain for about two weeks, IN about two weeks.
We have been practicing like crazy fools, and it’s all very exciting. Here is the tour flyer:


New Anna Morley website

The snazzy new Anna Morley website is up and running! Created by Sam Hollander, it has all the future tour dates, info on the new album, some listening-ey delights, lots of photos, and some videos too. It has it all! I want one…