Kickstarter prizes and rewards!~

So, I’m doing a kickstarter project to raise funds for my first album by preselling the recording and other fun stuff! It’s now up and is off to a great start!

I’ve been really happily surprised by people’s generosity, especially from people I don’t necessarily speak to very often (thank you!). Below are some photos of the rewards I’m offering, along with signed copies of my first record, ‘How to Care for an African Violet’, origami bookmarks, your choice of songs for me to cover, in-house concert, aaaand other stuff.

I still need your help though! Please send my link on to family and friends, and music lovers everywhere. You simply sending the link to my kickstarter project on to other people could make all the difference! Click here to pledge and pre-order the record!


‘How to Care for an African Violet’ T-Shirt