Now then, I shall speak to you as if you’re there


Hello world! Hello anybody who may have drifted by. But who am I fooling? This blog is a ghost-town. I haven’t updated in about two years…for shame.

But, well…that can’t be helped.

And I assume that I will soon write about why I abandoned my blog, and seemingly my music. But for today, I’m just going to write a post. Baby-steps!

Tonight, all going according to plan, I will perform for the first time in at least a year! I’m going to a ‘Songwriter Soiree’ here in Portland. I shall only get to sing one song, but that’s perfect. I’m curious about this gathering. It’s at someone’s house and seemingly a lot of people go, and sit in a circle, and trade off songs. Then there is a longer set in the middle. Then more single songs. Well, we shall see. I am going with a friend. If she decides not to go, I will externally sigh and say ‘Oh, okay, we’ll go another time’, but internally I will be as happy as a clam, as it were. Because I’m nervous! It’s only 2.23 pm, and I’m nervous already! But I’ve gotta get back on the horse/bike, sooooo…

I will try to do at least one open mic night a week and then will hunt for some shows. All the while, I’ll finally get my album finished!

Aaaaand inject a bit more love into this lonely blog.


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