Album officially finished!!!

Well…it’s finished!
Most of you probably know that I finished recording and mastering the album about two weeks ago, and that felt amazing to get done. The next step was doing the album art. The ever dainty Rosa Ospina had already done the cover art and taken some great photos. So over the past two weeks I’ve been using photoshop and adobe illustrator to put all the pieces together. I did NOT know how to use either programme until now, so there were many moments of ‘Whyyyyy? Whyyyy did you disappear??’ and such, but anyhoo, last night, I finally got it done! A momentary freak-out then ensued when, after submitting the final document to, I checked the proof on my ipad and saw that the album art was not violet, as in “How to Care for an African VIOLET”, but in fact, blue. So that was hideous. But it turns out my ipad was lying to me, so it’s all fine.

So now, in two weeks I will have 100 copies of my album! While I’m waiting for those to arrive, I will get stuck into doing all the other things that I’ve gotta do. These are those things:

– Design a new website
– Make/order Kickstarter prizes (t-shirts, badges/buttons, bookmarks)
– Buy a BUNCH of mailing stuff
– Research radio stations and magazines that might play/review my album
– Arrange album launch show!
– Order a second batch of albums for official sale
– Sleep a lot

I love how I put design a website at number one, like it’ll take the least amount of time and stress. It will not. But I’m excited about it.

And you may be asking when you can get a copy of my album??!

Well, if you are a kickstarter supporter, you’ll get a copy in about a months time! For everyone else, my official album launch date has yet to be decided, but it’ll be about two months from now.
Buuut if you want an advance listen, email me at my facebook page and I’ll email you a download link.
Apparently there’s a whole formula to doing an album release, and I figure I’d like to do it as well as I can. So you decide on a date about two months down the line. Then you send the album to be reviewed as many places as possible (welcoming all suggestions and reviews!) Then with some snippets of reviews attached, you send off the album to any radio station/radio host that plays the same kind of music. And apparently radio stations like albums that about to be released, so there’s some hype. They also like you to have some shows coming up, so I’ve got to arrange that. Perhaps a mini tour?

So, yes, that’s all my news.
No big deal…just finished my album is all. Woo hoo!


2 thoughts on “Album officially finished!!!

  1. Hooray Ciara! I’m happy that your I-Pad lied, thus reducing your stress. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

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