Tori amos playlist

I went to the Tori Amos concert here in Portland last Friday, at the Oregon Zoo. That’s right, they have concerts at the zoo. That was my first time going to the zoo, for concert or otherwise, and it was great cos it was a beautiful day and you got to wander around the zoo before the concert. I’m not big on zoos, but as they go, this one is pretty good. In the short time I had before the concert, I saw bears, a huge seal, penguins, and my favourite, a gorgeous otter that was having a great time swimming around on his/her back. I wanted to take a photo but I just couldn’t capture the fun he or she was having.

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I’ve been a Tori Amos fan for about 14 years, and ‘From the Choirgirl Hotel’ is one of my desert island cds. I haven’t been listening to her stuff in a while though, and didn’t even know she was going to be playing until a friend mentioned it and kindly also gave me an extra ticket she had. And oh my word, Tori Amos is brilliant live. She’s so great. Mad, quite mad. And she played some from her new album, but plenty from her previous albums. I watched an interview with her today where she said that before most concerts she does an hour of ‘meet and greet’ and she takes requests and makes sure she does them that night.

So naturally this past week I’ve been on a Tori listening spree, and decided to a playlist of my favourites to share with Tori fans and would-be Tori fans.

I did it on YouTube and also Grooveshark, for whichever takes your fancy.


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