New youtube videos, many of them in fact

So I recently committed to doing frequent youtube videos, mostly of ukulele original songs , but some cover songs as well, and it’s been going well. I did a few late last year, which I was really pleased about. I worked hard on them and they took a long time to do, and I really was so pleased with them.

So then I wanted to do more but as with all things music for me, I got overwhelmed! So I decided to get back into it, but to set lower expectations for myself. I really REALLY like creating videos and recording music, but sometimes I get these ideas and I so badly want them done RIGHT now that I… well, I get overwhelmed, and become completely inept!

But so I decided a few weeks ago to get back into it. Doing youtube videos really helps me because it’s a very easy outlet for my music and for me. It’s really so fun, I get such a kick out of it.

Here’s the video more or less explaining what I want to do with my youtube channel:

And here’s the link to my channel!

Please do subscribe so as you don’t miss any videos!

~ Ciara


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