“Longing to Belong” cover by the very galant Eddie Vedder


I love Eddie Vedder’s ‘Ukulele Songs’ album which he released a few years ago. I love how much he does with the ukulele, and given that he’s a rock star, I feel like him doing this album gave the ukulele more recognition for being a legit instrument, as opposed to a toy instrument. So, thank YOU Eddie. Perhaps you’ll let me take you out for a coffee to thank you in person? Hmm? Well, okay,┬ájust get back to me on that.

So anyhoo, here is my cover version of one of my favourite songs from the album, “Longing to Belong”. Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading and watching!

~ Ciara


Days 4, 5, & 6 of 30 videos in 30 days challenge – loops, beach, and road trips


Well now, last weekend I went away to the Oregon Coast, to Cannon Beach to be precise. My friend’s aunt has a house there, literally within a stone’s throw from the beach. We went for just 1 night, but it was brilliant. So, two out of these three videos have beach scenes, yay! Who doesn’t like beach?

This first video, which is video 4 of the challenge, is a Lykke Li cover of her song “Dance, dance, dance”. I actually don’t dance in this video, but I plan on doing another cover of it in which I will dance.

Next video is a couple of beach and roadtrip scenes set to my song, “Promise to Me”. The track I used is the mastered album track of this song, which you can listen to/buy here:

Finally, the day 6 video of my 30 day challenge is actually an old one. This one was recorded on the first day of a short tour I did with Anna Morley Collective, which started in Barcelona. So this was recorded at ‘Inusual Project’ in Barcelona. I performed ‘Someone Like Me’ with my loop pedal. I actually have since sold my loop pedal. But I didn’t feel like doing a video this day, and I was looking through old videos, and I remember now liking this performance at the time of making it, and so I had it as unpublished or private or unlisted or what have you, and upon second look, years on, I decided that I do like this performance, and so I brightened up the video a bit and published it. Easy. And people made nice comments on this video, so I’m glad I posted it. Anyhoo, here it is.

Alright, that’s all for now, thank you for reading and watching and listening.

I shall be back soon with a new post with the next 3 videos.

~ Ciara

Album officially finished!!!

Well…it’s finished!
Most of you probably know that I finished recording and mastering the album about two weeks ago, and that felt amazing to get done. The next step was doing the album art. The ever dainty Rosa Ospina had already done the cover art and taken some great photos. So over the past two weeks I’ve been using photoshop and adobe illustrator to put all the pieces together. I did NOT know how to use either programme until now, so there were many moments of ‘Whyyyyy? Whyyyy did you disappear??’ and such, but anyhoo, last night, I finally got it done! A momentary freak-out then ensued when, after submitting the final document to Discmakers.com, I checked the proof on my ipad and saw that the album art was not violet, as in “How to Care for an African VIOLET”, but in fact, blue. So that was hideous. But it turns out my ipad was lying to me, so it’s all fine.

So now, in two weeks I will have 100 copies of my album! While I’m waiting for those to arrive, I will get stuck into doing all the other things that I’ve gotta do. These are those things:

– Design a new website
– Make/order Kickstarter prizes (t-shirts, badges/buttons, bookmarks)
– Buy a BUNCH of mailing stuff
– Research radio stations and magazines that might play/review my album
– Arrange album launch show!
– Order a second batch of albums for official sale
– Sleep a lot

I love how I put design a website at number one, like it’ll take the least amount of time and stress. It will not. But I’m excited about it.

And you may be asking when you can get a copy of my album??!

Well, if you are a kickstarter supporter, you’ll get a copy in about a months time! For everyone else, my official album launch date has yet to be decided, but it’ll be about two months from now.
Buuut if you want an advance listen, email me at my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Ciaracarruthersmusic and I’ll email you a download link.
Apparently there’s a whole formula to doing an album release, and I figure I’d like to do it as well as I can. So you decide on a date about two months down the line. Then you send the album to be reviewed as many places as possible (welcoming all suggestions and reviews!) Then with some snippets of reviews attached, you send off the album to any radio station/radio host that plays the same kind of music. And apparently radio stations like albums that about to be released, so there’s some hype. They also like you to have some shows coming up, so I’ve got to arrange that. Perhaps a mini tour?

So, yes, that’s all my news.
No big deal…just finished my album is all. Woo hoo!

Performing and recording

This is a very exciting time. I’ve been playing a tonne of music, and have gotten, irreparably, into the recording of my album. I say irreparably because it’s been 2 years since I did the kickstarter project, and I’ve had a number of false starts since then. I’m not entirely sure why it’s taken me so long. I mean, I think I know, but I don’t know if I can put it into concise words.

And I just tried, but then deleted it, because I don’t feel like talking about that! Suffice to say, I’m back on track and am really excited.

I’ve been performing a lot…I went to that Songwriter ‘Soiree’ (I say!), and then an open mic at the Goodfoot here in Portland, and then a few little getogethers at friend’s houses, and it’s all been snowballing since then. The more I play, the more I want to play, and the more great people I meet, and the more I want to finish my album and give it to people to listen to!

And recording-wise, I set up a cute little recording studio in a storage room in our apartment. See photos. It’s the cutest and nicest place ever. And it’s also the cosiest. I haven’t been in there yet today, and I miss it.

Finally, a fantastic musician, and friend of mine, Miwa Gemini (from NYC) is going to be playing at the Elixir Lab in Portland this Friday, and she asked me to open for her. I go on at 8 pm. I am SO excited about this show. Here’s the facebook invite, for more info.

That is all! I hope to be back with another post soon, with photos of all the Kickstarter rewards I’ll be making! I’m so excited about that too. The sweet.

recording studio 1recording studio 2

Now then, I shall speak to you as if you’re there


Hello world! Hello anybody who may have drifted by. But who am I fooling? This blog is a ghost-town. I haven’t updated in about two years…for shame.

But, well…that can’t be helped.

And I assume that I will soon write about why I abandoned my blog, and seemingly my music. But for today, I’m just going to write a post. Baby-steps!

Tonight, all going according to plan, I will perform for the first time in at least a year! I’m going to a ‘Songwriter Soiree’ here in Portland. I shall only get to sing one song, but that’s perfect. I’m curious about this gathering. It’s at someone’s house and seemingly a lot of people go, and sit in a circle, and trade off songs. Then there is a longer set in the middle. Then more single songs. Well, we shall see. I am going with a friend. If she decides not to go, I will externally sigh and say ‘Oh, okay, we’ll go another time’, but internally I will be as happy as a clam, as it were. Because I’m nervous! It’s only 2.23 pm, and I’m nervous already! But I’ve gotta get back on the horse/bike, sooooo…

I will try to do at least one open mic night a week and then will hunt for some shows. All the while, I’ll finally get my album finished!

Aaaaand inject a bit more love into this lonely blog.

Kickstarter prizes and rewards!~

So, I’m doing a kickstarter project to raise funds for my first album by preselling the recording and other fun stuff! It’s now up and is off to a great start!

I’ve been really happily surprised by people’s generosity, especially from people I don’t necessarily speak to very often (thank you!). Below are some photos of the rewards I’m offering, along with signed copies of my first record, ‘How to Care for an African Violet’, origami bookmarks, your choice of songs for me to cover, in-house concert, aaaand other stuff.

I still need your help though! Please send my link on to family and friends, and music lovers everywhere. You simply sending the link to my kickstarter project on to other people could make all the difference! Click here to pledge and pre-order the record! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/654462018/ciara-carruthers-debut-ep


‘How to Care for an African Violet’ T-Shirt

Performance of ‘Huggles’ at Bar Fantastico last night

Last night was the second last show of our tour, at Bar Fantastico in Barcelona. It was great to play for a familiar crowd. More videos of my own stuff to come, but here is a video of ‘Huggles’ by Anna Morley, played by myself, Anna, and Gerard Daurella (Gerald Corn).
Tonight is our last show, in Figueres! Then it is relax time. Sweet, sweet relax time.

Tonight, Madrid; tomorrow, Zaragoza

On the road, yo!
I am presently sitting in our delicious peugeot partner, on the way from Madrid centre to a cool little natural lake or swimming area of sorts about 100 km out of Madrid, and the temperature is hot hot hot. We just dropped one of our traveling companions off at the bus station, and today we have totally free from all musical doings, which is sweet, as every day since we got on the road we’ve had to either play shows or haul all of our equipment and instruments up and down and across stairs, and given that one of our instruments weights 60 kgs, that’s not fun. No, not fun at all. Well, the music playing; yes. The music hauling; no.

So, this is the fourth day of our tour and it’s going awfully well. The ‘Red Balance’ album launch was on last Friday, at Inusual Project, and we were all really happy with how it turned out, as well as the turn-out, which was 50 people. I played my set first, which was the first time I’ve ever done live loops in front of an audience, and apart from one wonky harmony, it went really well. I also sang a song in Irish, acapella. I am so great, G.R.E.T., and so forth. We did some videos but none are good enough to post, and there will be many more as we still have five shows to go.

The day after our first show in Barcelona, we picked up our lovely car and headed to Valencia, to play a show at ‘Killing Time’, which is a cool bar that’s really passionate about music. The show there went well apart from the mic cutting out for unknown reasons during the collective set. We stayed that night in the apartment of the guy who co-runs the bar, Ceco, who had a turtle called Morley. I like turtles. We also got drunk on the streets of valencia and somehow met members of Sam’s Catalan choir, who took to singing in their various harmonies.

The following day we headed to madrid, after a huge lunch involving paella and wine. We had to pick up our bass player at Madrid airport that night but had no idea which terminal he was coming in to, so ended up being trapped in a maze of terminal 4 evilness, long term parking traps, toll roads leading in and out of the airport, till we finally broke free and finally heard from him which terminal he was at, wherewithin we picked him up and gave him the silent treatment.

We stayed in a hostel that night, after having a few beers and pizza slices on the streets of Madrid. Then, yesterday, was our show at Cuervo Music, which is a really cute little record store just across the road from our hostel. It was an early evening show, and it feels strange to play during the day to a sober crowd, but it went well and enjoyed my set, which I did without microphone, just amping my ukulele, which is fun for a change.

Video, more photos, more updates, and a tour video to come!


Anna Morley single release, ‘Heightened Senses’

Here is the very new video for the single ‘Heightened Senses’ by Anna Morley, which is on her album ‘Red Balance’ that will be released in just a few days.

I’ll be doing an opening set at the album launch this Friday at Inusual Project, Paloma 5, Barcelona, and then I’ll also be playing ukulele and guitar with Anna Morley Collective. And then the tour begins!