Panic station and tour preparation(s)

In less than two months, I will be doing some touring of Europe with Anna Morley Collective, which is exciting. Right now, we’re in the stages of sending out multiple emails to random places in random cities, and basically trying to figure out how to be everywhere at once. So far, we have more or less confirmed dates in Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid; and we’re looking for places to play in the south of France and north of Italy, lest anyone be able to help us out with suggestions and so forth.

I will be playing with Anna Morley Collective, as well as doing my own set before each show. This has me freaking out. It has me really excited, because after playing repeated shows over a period of two weeks, and practising like a Russian gymnast over these next months, I will really refine my playing and performing. And that’s GOOD, but…I am overwhelmed. Today especially. It’s hard to want something so badly, and I don’t deal with it well. I literally become paralysed, and then depressed, and then angry with myself for all of the above. I know that I have to chill out and just put in the practice and all will be fine. Why can’t I do that? I don’t know. Today was just a hard day. But I wrote a song! So that’s good. And it’s a guitar song. And that’s good too. And I already have ideas of how to perform it with my loop pedal, and that’s REALLY good, because it’s the loop pedal that has me freaking out because lord knows I do NOT know how to use the thing.


Later on I will buy wine, or drink tea, and figure out further how to play and perform this song. Perhaps I just need to figure out how to perform each song with the loop pedal, song by song. Tonight will be my new song, hopefully. Unless I just pick up my guitar and sit in a stunned heap, crippled by overwhelment until I can’t take it any more and go to sleep. Either or is good! No, wait…

Here are some photos of my scribbles from today.


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