“Longing to Belong” cover by the very galant Eddie Vedder


I love Eddie Vedder’s ‘Ukulele Songs’ album which he released a few years ago. I love how much he does with the ukulele, and given that he’s a rock star, I feel like him doing this album gave the ukulele more recognition for being a legit instrument, as opposed to a toy instrument. So, thank YOU Eddie. Perhaps you’ll let me take you out for a coffee to thank you in person? Hmm? Well, okay,┬ájust get back to me on that.

So anyhoo, here is my cover version of one of my favourite songs from the album, “Longing to Belong”. Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading and watching!

~ Ciara


Days 4, 5, & 6 of 30 videos in 30 days challenge – loops, beach, and road trips


Well now, last weekend I went away to the Oregon Coast, to Cannon Beach to be precise. My friend’s aunt has a house there, literally within a stone’s throw from the beach. We went for just 1 night, but it was brilliant. So, two out of these three videos have beach scenes, yay! Who doesn’t like beach?

This first video, which is video 4 of the challenge, is a Lykke Li cover of her song “Dance, dance, dance”. I actually don’t dance in this video, but I plan on doing another cover of it in which I will dance.

Next video is a couple of beach and roadtrip scenes set to my song, “Promise to Me”. The track I used is the mastered album track of this song, which you can listen to/buy here:

Finally, the day 6 video of my 30 day challenge is actually an old one. This one was recorded on the first day of a short tour I did with Anna Morley Collective, which started in Barcelona. So this was recorded at ‘Inusual Project’ in Barcelona. I performed ‘Someone Like Me’ with my loop pedal. I actually have since sold my loop pedal. But I didn’t feel like doing a video this day, and I was looking through old videos, and I remember now liking this performance at the time of making it, and so I had it as unpublished or private or unlisted or what have you, and upon second look, years on, I decided that I do like this performance, and so I brightened up the video a bit and published it. Easy. And people made nice comments on this video, so I’m glad I posted it. Anyhoo, here it is.

Alright, that’s all for now, thank you for reading and watching and listening.

I shall be back soon with a new post with the next 3 videos.

~ Ciara

30 videos in 30 days challenge! Days 1, 2, & 3

Well hey there,
So I’ve managed to stay on top of things with my 30 day challenge, and in case you haven’t seen them, here are my videos for the first 3 days! I’m really having a great time doing it. It’s a fantastic challenge and I love that making videos and music is at the forefront of my mind each day. I’m honestly thinking that I will keep making daily videos after this 30 day challenge. I’m just really enjoying it. Granted, I’m not managing to do a music video each day. You know, things get in the way or don’t go according to plan. BUT I am still pushing myself, and I am playing music each day, which is something that hasn’t happened in years, YEARS I tell you. So, this is great, and I’m loving it.

Here’s my day 1 video, an original ukulele song of mine called “Itch in my Feet”. I’ll post the lyrics at the end of this page! But a bit more about the song. I wrote it quite awhile ago, when I had been living in Barcelona, Spain, for about 5 years, and I was finally considering moving on. I wrote this about those people that you’re sad to leave behind.

You can listen to and buy the mastered album version of this track below.



My day 2 video is a vlogging video. I didn’t intend to do it, as you’ll hear in the video, but I’m glad I did it, as it was a challenge in itself.


Then day 3 is an Italian song that I’ve been singing for a while, I just think it’s such a pretty song. I didn’t write it by the way, it’s by Tiromancino. I do speak Italian, although right now it’s very rusty.

I’ll do another post soon with the next 3 videos! Thanks for reading and watching!

~ Ciara


Lyrics for “Itch in my Feet”

I’ve got an itch in my feet
I think it’s time to travel on
My heart and thoughts are mine again
and mine they shall remain
And you can borrow them
for a while
here take them for a spin
Rent is minimal
just a little bit of affection in return
sweet memories of love and fun

Well it’s my time to travel on
I’ve been still for quite some time
Where I go, I don’t know
but I’ll take some of your things
with mine
Memories of your smile and
thoughts of really happy times
Memories of your smile and
thoughts of really happy times

Let’s arrange a date to meet
I’ll wear a new dress and do my hair all nice
Bring yourself and nothing else
I’ll cherish these moments all of my life

Well let’s make food
let’s drink some wine
let’s stay up all night and sleep all morning
Let’s hug and kiss and melt
let’s bask in each other
Don’t ever forget these moments my dear
cos we have something really special here
Don’t ever forget these moments my dear
cos we have something really special here