“Love me Less” | New original ukulele song, with lyrics


Jeez, it’s been a wee while since I’ve posted here. But I have been keeping up with doing videos. I’ll post the rest of them tomorrow but for now, here’s the latest, called “Love me Less”. The title says it all.

Here it is, and the lyrics are below. I hope you like it, thank you for watching and listening!
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Love me Less lyrics:

The way you look at me makes me nervous
and I’m not sure that I can live up to your expectations.
Couldn’t it be that you came to see me play, liked what you saw,
decided you wanted more, but nothing more than that.
Couldn’t it be your imagination that leads you to say
that leads you to say
I love you.

It makes me dubious
the way you look at me makes me nervous
and I’m unsettled by all of this
unsettled and unbalanced so
love me less

The dog gone fool that came before you
the one so incapable of saying I love you too
Well he kind of left me in ruins
that dog gone fool
Then along comes you
so sweet and so true
So, so full of
I love you’s.

It makes me dubious
the way you look at me makes me nervous
and I’m unsettled by all of this
unsettled and unbalanced so
love me less

~ Ciara




New youtube videos, many of them in fact

So I recently committed to doing frequent youtube videos, mostly of ukulele original songs , but some cover songs as well, and it’s been going well. I did a few late last year, which I was really pleased about. I worked hard on them and they took a long time to do, and I really was so pleased with them.

So then I wanted to do more but as with all things music for me, I got overwhelmed! So I decided to get back into it, but to set lower expectations for myself. I really REALLY like creating videos and recording music, but sometimes I get these ideas and I so badly want them done RIGHT now that I… well, I get overwhelmed, and become completely inept!

But so I decided a few weeks ago to get back into it. Doing youtube videos really helps me because it’s a very easy outlet for my music and for me. It’s really so fun, I get such a kick out of it.

Here’s the video more or less explaining what I want to do with my youtube channel:

And here’s the link to my channel!


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~ Ciara

An update and a new video of ‘White Fluffy Clouds’

I’ve been putting off updating because it’s been so very long since I wrote anything, and I was intimidated to return, because I figured I had to write a huge long update. But then I decided that that wasn’t so, and I could simply just post a new video, and all would be forgiven. And so it is.
This video is of a short acoustic set that I played for a ‘Research Club’ brunch, on April 30th in Portland. Thanks to Ním Wunnan for filming! Alas, there is a tiny part in the bridge that got cut out, but hey, that’ll happen.

New video! Moving on time…

I wrote this song on my ukulele a while ago, and I reckon it’s still one of my favourites. ’tis called ‘Moving on time’, aaaanndd here it is!


And yet more video fun! This time a nod to a classic hero…Johnny Cash!

Rosa and I have just finished doing a video of ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ by Johnny Cash. It took us just 5 tries to get it down, as opposed to 20 or so.
Meanwhile, I am still in Ireland, but am heading back to Barcelona on the 27th of January, and then off to Portland…at some stage afterwards. I’m a-gonna spend my last week here doing as many videos as possible, ‘cos I haven’t been playing any shows, so ye know, I’m being musically productive somehow. Smug.
Here’s the video!


‘Just Dance’…More video homaaages, this time to Lady Gaga

Rosa and I were busy yesterday being lady gaga, here’s the video proof. This was one of the very first songs we ever learned together. GOOD TIMES. She did my hair in a hair-bow but it got cut off! I mean, the video cut it off. But you can see it in the out-takes. Go look see!

Finally; an update! And a homage to Tiny Tim!

I’m currently in Skibereen, in West Cork, in Ireland! This is where my friend Rosa lives, so I’m temporarily living in her parent’s lovely wooden house. They have 3 dogs, frequent cups of tea throughout the day, and a new little studio which Rosa has converted into her ‘entertaining area’, ie, somewhere where we can practice ukulele and wail whilst practicing our new tunes. On that note, we made a new video, which is a cover of ‘Tiptoe through the tulips’, the Tiny Tim version.

So here it is! The out-takes are the best part!

Also, here’s the performance which inspired us!

Shows, updates, and more travels!

I’m in Norway with my family now! ’tis a winter wonderland here, so lovely.

I had a fun and quite relaxing time in Barcelona the last week, I wandered around the Christmas markets, bought lots of presents, remembered how to speak Spanish, and saw lots of my friends, though some very special ones were missing, due to them selfishly choosing to follow their own paths instead of adapting their lives around mine, but hey, there it is.

The show at Inusual Project went very well! I had lots of fun and had a friend of mine take some photos. Here’s one from the show, and the other is from my temporary recording studio in Vermont! You can listen to the two tracks I recorded ‘Your Song’ and ‘Itch in my feet’ from sound cloud:

Your Song: http://snd.sc/igfgT8
Itch in my feet: http://snd.sc/geuAhI

Or at my myspace here: http://www.myspace.com/ciaracarruthers


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Hey again Burlington Airport, how’ve you been?

So, I find myself at Burlington Airport again. This time I have arrived from Seattle, via JFK, and haven’t slept in what feels like days, but is actually only one night. I feel relatively human. I will take the greyhound back up to Montreal in about 15 minutes. That means crossing the damn border again, which means getting off the bus and answering stupid questions about what my travel plans are, in a way that’s supposed to be relaxed and chatty, but is really a mine-field of the customs officers, as they lay their tricky and seemingly safe questions, to catch careless possible illegal immigrants, of which there haven’t been any, not yet. Nope, everyone has safely been able to get back on the bus each of the three times I’ve crossed the Canadian-American border. It’s still a pain in the ass though. Especially since you’re asked to take EVERYTHING off the bus, and also, one of the times, people damn well took other people’s seats! Like, okay, you don’t leave anything on your seat, so it’s easy to get confused, but this one time there was a full on game of musical chairs.

But that’s all beside the point.
What is the point?
I don’t know, I’m just tired and want to whinge. Perhaps.

Soon I will do a proper update, cos I have been having a rollercoaster of a time travelling. Music has been played, wine has been drunk in large quantities, new places have been visited, hearts have been broken and remended, money has been spent and re-earned, hot-tubs have been enjoyed in limited quantities, and new friends have been made. And I think I’ve discovered my new home. But it’s not where I thought it would be. But that will be in the next update. I just wanted to write SOMETHING to breathe fresh life into my blog, and so that people could witness and verify my existence which is ALLLL that matters.

Ta-ra for now, I leave you with a video done a couple of months ago while I was in the pyrenees, shot by my dad, the pro, Terry Carruthers.